Messages from the Wild

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Conversations with Animals

Hundreds of thousands of animals are tirelessly going about their business every day, unknowingly keeping us alive. It’s time to get to know them.

“Brilliant! Lots of humour, informative and a fun and great way for all ages to connect with our natural history.” (E. Pugh, UK)

“What a beautiful idea and a super production!” (G. Elal, Turkey)

Love her!!!! Very promiscuous!! (S. Wheen, UK)

“I absolutely love this one! Cheered up my train journey to work no end.” (R. Forbes, UK)

“What an amazing idea! I love the creativity to bring awareness, education, and funny back to nature. Asante!” (L. Munis, Tanzania)

“Such a simple idea but so powerful. Love it!!!” (The Coypu, iTunes listener)

“Just enough anthropomorphism to make the science fun.” (The Daily Telegraph review)

“I love coming out on a warm summer’s evening, with a bit of gentle rain.”  The Earthworm



Messages from the Wild is moving in many different directions. If you would like to join the adventure, let us know. 





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